Ruben Gamez
"Pavlo is an excellent Rails developer who did a lot to help improve the quality of the code while working at Bidsketch." Ruben Gamez - @earthlingworks

Helping you scale to new features, or to provide overflow

Growing startups & web apps face similar problems. Whether it’s ongoing technology development, active user growth or issues with scalability you need somebody you can call upon and put to work quickly.

503 error

Your web app continiously yields 50x errors

I’m not a gamble. I can help advise on current infrastructure decisions you’re looking to make and will help you implement, test and continually improve in all areas.

New code breaks existing features

New features break old code

It usually happens in regular development flow, but when fixing bugs takes more time than actual features deveopment - it's time to change working process. I’m a software architect, working with Rails and I’ve worked on several apps like yours, each will tell you how well I increased stability of it by implementing automated tests from scratch or fixing the existing ones.

Your app is not quite up-to-date?

Your web app isn't quite up to date?

It served you for years. Now you've decided to apply some refreshing touches to it. Just adding some extra functionality? Or need a complete re-write? I could help you with both.

What my clients have to say

David Portnoy

"Pavlo has been an ambitious contributor to the creation of our new product and has put in many hours toiling at tough technical challenges. As a result, he's made great contributions to building the product. There were times when our project lacked a standalone front end developer and Pavlo bailed us out. He’s certainly earned the right to be labeled a strong full-stack developer. I hope to continue working with Pavlo in the future."

David Portnoy - @dportnoy

"When relaunching my profile site, I hired Pavlo to coach me in learning git and the other technologies I need to know, and, to do the heavy ruby programming that I have no time or need to learn. He did an exemplary job not only on the requested programming activities, but going the extra mile to get a responsive HTML5 and CSS3 theme up and running on this site. I really appreciate his quality work, help and moreover, patience."

Rick Cogley - @RickCogley

"Pavlo is a great communicator and an excellent developer. We collaborated together on a few Rails projects and it was always a pleasure working with him. Highly recommended."

Jereme Axelrod - @jeremeaxelrod

"In addition to being a great asset as an RoR developer, Pavlo contributed to our team by tackling front-end challenges and integrations. Additionally,he made valuable suggestions about the user experience that shows a depth of system level thinking."

Anthony Duran

Making the right decisions in the early stages of your journey will help with the code quality, stability and scalability in the future. I’ll help you take those steps toward growth, choosing the right tools to work with and following best practices.

Prestige Portfolio Thumbnail Image

Bidsketch is a cool proposal app for freelancers that allows to create beautiful proposals in matter of minutes created by awesome guy Ruben Gamez.

At the moment I've joined the small team the businness was expanding, growing clients base became more demanding, so Bidsketch was looking for someone who can develop new features and keep the app stable at the same time.

I developed several integrations with third party services: Harvest, Salesforce, FreshBooks so that now you can import contacts from Harvest and Salesforce, automatically invoice clients through Harvest and do many other things. Set of automated tests was developed to make sure codebase is still stable.

Lodgistics hotel inventory & management system

Lodgistics is a hotel management software. It covers pretty much everything from procurement to maintenance particular rooms and public areas, inventory, planning budgets and spends, and of course, a lot of reporting.

It took a team I was part of more then a year to develop Lodgistics app from-scratch.

The app has a complex UI (which is responsive btw) built on top of custom visual theme (it's integration was among my responsibilities). Other important goal I accomplished here is developing and maintaining an automated tests suite.

The app gets positive responses each time it's being presented and makes it's owner proud a lot and get pre-sales and contracts signed even before being relased.

Petpocketbook main page screenshot

The most important part of PetPocketbook - is complicated algorythm that makes is easy for dog walking businnes owners to create optimized schedule appointments (dog walkers with dogs) so that they can use time as much effective as possible.

I created 90% of that algorythm: regular + recurring appointments, moving appointments to other time, stopping recurring appointments from occur on specific days etc. It took me a bit more time then was initially planned, but eventually project was completed successfully.

HireSuccess main page screenshot

HireSuccess was rebuilding their old web app written back in the begginning 2000-x at the moment I joined their team. They already had a huge users base so that the new app had to face a serious exam when it launched by taking them on to it.

Another challange there was a billion-dollar company that was going to start using HireSuccess services soon and our team was developing features specific to that company and making the integration process seamless. And we did it successfully.

I took over many user interface issues, built the payment processor integration, and helped to convert legacy codebase to ruby language.

Car sellers websites scraper screenshot

Car sellers websites scraper

This is a Ruby script for parsing (crawling or fetching data from websites) several of Denmark-based used cars websites.

Script features:

  • Saving car data into database
  • Keeping associations between vehicle, seller, model, manufacturer, equipment, color and saving them into database as well.
  • Multithreaded data download. This means it downloads several web pages at the same moment.
  • Similar car advertising detection on different websites. It is able to detect and collect data for the same car from multiple websites.
  • Each site is defined by it's profile file, new sites can be easily plugged-in by adding new profiles involving no-programming at all.
  • Car images fetching and storing

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